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Services and Rates:

Free Ballpark Estimates:
"ballpark estimate" given "Over The Counter "However like people accurate diagnosis takes time and the Ballpark Quote is not an official estimate. Those can only be determined by doing a full diagnostic workup

$35 -"Quick Fixes"and Over the Counter Consultations - billed in 15 minute increments-these are things like purchase advice/removing or installing screws. NOT DIAGNOSTIC WORK

Full Evaluation , Diagnostic Testing and Consultation:

$99 - covers all diagnostic time and is collected upfront prior to work beginning. It will be applied IN FULL to any repair service authorized above this amount as a deposit

Virus Removal Services:

$99 to $159
:Virus removal with Free System Tuneup. Free Antivirus included/additional charges for data backup if Windows needs reinstall after virus removal or if client opts for a paid antivirus subscription

Laptop LCD repair: $150 plus parts

Laptop Power Jack Service: Starts at $99 plus parts

Laptop Keyboard Replacement: $75-$99 (depends on model) plus parts

Full Tuneup ( clean out dust, optimize startup, check hard drive and memory, malware scan- virus removal is extra)-$99

Hardware Install and Upgrades (memory, video cards, DVD drives , coolers and fans)$75 first item /$25 each additional+parts

Operating System Repair (with owner provided Recovery Disks): $75 to 159 (if we need to source disk from mfr additional chages may apply- you will be contacted first

Data Recovery-drive spins up :$150+Up /Mechanical Drive Failures -price varies ; starts with a $79 Evaluation and Consultation-taken at drop off and applied to final total)

Data Migration(Transfer) and Back-Up Solutions-$179 up to first 500GB -includes flash drive (larger amounts priced $100 per TB-larger storage media subject to additional charge)

Securely Erase Data From Hard Drive-$49 per drive

Software Installation-$35 per title

Single Page Websites and Hosting-Call or Email for more info

If what you are looking for is not listed please give us a call ! We service all brands of Windows desktop and laptops as well as all Apple MacBooks,iMacs, (please note that for iPods, iPhones , and iPads we are currently only offering software level service). We also service most printers . What sets us apart from other computer service organizations is the simple fact that we stand behind our work. Your business is valued and we do not turn our back on our customers once the bill has been paid, or send you into an endless voicemail maze.

Many of our services are flat-rate !
So you know what you will be paying before the work is done.
However, due to the complex nature of computers and the issues they develop , some repairs are not easily pigeonholed into a flat rate structure. When that happens you can be sure our hourly rates are competitive and you will be informed of an estimate for the cost before work proceeds. We value your business and try to be as fair with our pricing as possible.

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